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Miami Beach GYROTONIC® specializes in the education of Gyrotonic and GYROKINESIS® exercises.

Miami Beach Gyrotonic offers a variety of training possibilities to the public. Private sessions and group classes are lead by an eclectic team of trainers with professional backgrounds. Group classes can be an energizing way to start your day or a relaxing way to end it! Private sessions are tailored to your needs, allowing you to progress with an intimate understanding of the movements and how they apply to your daily routine and physical activities.

Miami Beach Gyrotonic is unique in that it is the Headquarters of the US for the Gyrotonic Final Certificate Courses and offers the entire scope of educational possibilities including teacher training and specialized courses. Miami Beach Gyrotonic hosts the current courses conducted by inventor Juliu Horvath as well as courses with visiting Master Trainers from around the world. Miami Beach Gyrotonic is fully equipped with all the latest Gyrotonic specialized equipment.