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Rolondo S.

Mari is awesome and her gym is awesome! Had the best time working out here. Place is clean and organized and in a great location. I highly recommend it.

yelpers love us

Erica R.

I can tell you that after having a beautiful child, my body has taken a turn for the chunkier and stiffer than I have ever been in my life. Gyrotonic is the only thing that has created the long lean lines and have achieved the form I so desire. I had tried everything -cardio, powerplate, pilates, yoga, cruches until I felt like I was going to pass out, dance, weight lifting and the “love handles” wouldn’t quit and my whole body wouldn’t loosen up and I felt old….UNTIL I FOUND…MIAMI BEACH GYROTONIC! -Thank you, Mari and the team for making my body better than ever before.

yelpers love us


Mari is awesome. I saw her last spring when I was in Miami and her studio is truly state-of-the-art. I highly recommend booking a private session with her. You’ll get a great workout and she’s super nice to boot. If I lived in Miami I’d be at Miami Beach Gyrotonic all the time!

Sheila Der

For the past two years, I have heard several people talk about GYROTONIC®; however, none of them could actually tell me what it was.

After the third session, I started incorporating the same methodology of narrowing and lengthening of the spine into my Pilates. I demonstrated to several people the difference between doing a very popular exercise: the Roll-Up, Pilates’ way and incorporating the Gyrotonic methodology to it. First, I felt absolutely no pressure on the muscles especially on the spine and the lower back. I had a better stretch on my hamstrings. It felt very natural to the body. Second, the muscles worked more intensely without looking intense. Last, everyone was impressed and could see the difference.

The methodology of Gyrotonic should be taught to everyone. Gyrotonic enhances Pilates and every form of exercises. Just give it a chance!

Susana Britto

I am a 55 year old hard working school teacher. Since about over a year, I have been treating myself to weekly Gyrotonic sessions at the studio located at Miami Beach. My commitment to Gyrotonic exercises has been beneficial to my entire physicality. My body now moves with much ease and agility and my posture is naturally upright. I now clearly understand the relationship we must have with our own skeletal structure as it rotates, strengthens and lengthens.

I must add that both Mari and Rodolfo have been a blessing to have as instructors. They have patiently taught me how to challenge my workouts by using the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower. The professional warmth they radiate has been comforting and encouraging as I have explored new movements.

If you want to give yourself the gift of a continuous “wow” experience, I recommend that you consider the art of Gyrotonic movements!

Bob Schwarzreich

I have been training with Mari at her studio/playroom for about eight months.  I began the Gyrotonic sessions after two years of practicing Pilates regularly.  Given my non-athleticism and age, (approaching 62), I was very pleased by the progress I had made related to balance, core strength, and more graceful movement.  Little did I know what gyro would do for me.  We started slow and once I told Mari that the Gyrotonic session wasn’t physical, well, that was the last time I said that.  At that point I was hooked.  We went to two hour sessions that left me beat, but my body feeling and moving well as the spine had become more flexible from the lumbar to the cervical region.  This was great for a person that had some arthritic deterioration.  I could twist and turn like never before.

Actually, the best part of training with Mari is her quirky, concerned, and friendly ways.  Mari is just plain great fun to train with.  My only concern is…will she still train me when I’m 84?